Education Supplies:

With over 25,000 discounted education supplies Education 4 Kids is not only one of the leading educational drill game websites on-line, but we are one of the deepest discounters of education and teaching supplies as well.

Homeschool Supplies

If they use it in teaching at school, you can use it for teaching at home. Homeschool supplies are generally not sold at the same discounts to homeschool parents as the discounts provided to educators. We seek to ensure that Homeschool supplies are sold to honeschool parents at the same discount that educators and teachers in schools get their discounted education supplies.

School Supplies

We do provide deep discounts to schools for the purchase of school supplies. Larger orders from schools and teachers for teacher and school supplies will receive additional discounts based on how many shipped orders we have with the teachers and schools. While we use this method to provide additional discounts on education supplies for all our customers, the fact that schools can order in larger volume means that they will achieve greater discounts on education suppies faster than individual teachers buying their teaching supplies or homeschool parents buying homeschool supplies.

New Store Notices

As we have just releaunched the school supply and teacher supply store we are re-indexing the school supplies into new categories. We will continue to operate the deep discounts that we have always offered while we re-index the education supplies and ask teachers and homeschool parents to bear with us as we work to continue to earn your respect as one of the best teacher, school, education, homeschool supply stores on-line. Remember, we have been on-line since 2003 providing the best discount pricing on education, teacher and school supplies we can, and our promise to you is to continue to deliver on that history of deep discounts on the school and teaching supplies you need. Thank you.
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Welcome to Education 4 Kids, Inc. We hope you will like what you see in both product selection and pricing. If you are registered you can log in any time, if you are not registered, there is no cost to do so.


What's new?

Bad news travels slowly, but sooner or later we all have to deal with it. Edu4Kids has done everything we can to stop this, but the following was sent to us by our distributor

Due to rising operating costs we will be increasing our small order handling fee to $3.25 effective January 1st, 2015. This fee, which has not increased in seven years, applies to all orders under $40.

That means effective that date (2015/1/1) we will be forced to increase the low order fee. This fee is passed along and not one cent remains with us (like shipping, it is not a profit center for Edu4Kids).

Good News for SAT/ACT Math

Education 4 Kids, Inc. has been working with EduCAD Learning Solutions for years to get a product to market that will help kids with math (remember, we started by offering free drill games on-line, our first was Math Flashcards for Kids - five years before we opened a store.) Well after 13 years of development we are proud to announce College Entrance Test Prep (click to view) has finally launched. There students working on SAT/ACT Math can get free access to a tool that provides on-line tutoring of 50 of the most complex math problem types they would see on the standardized entrance exams.

Education 4 Kids, Inc. has a policy of not using shipping as a profit centre. We think it is very important that you take the time to read our shipping and returns policy as well as the terms of service.

We process orders Monday-Thursday at 1AM (Monday for the last 72 hours, the other days for all orders in the the last 24 hours). The shipping estimator provides a time estimate for delivery directly from UPS, it has proven to be generally accurate but it is from UPS, not Education 4 Kids, Inc. and we do not guarantee those estimated dates. The shipping costs are estimates as provided by UPS directly based on total weight, our shipping policy details what we do when the shipping estimates are not accurate, please read the policy.

Education 4 Kids reserves the right to use another carrier (examples: You are shipping to a PO Box, UPS doesn't ship to PO Boxes, so we reserve the right to use USPS; You ordered a large number of Kraft Art Rolls and it's better to ship by shipping carrier like BAX rather than UPS).

View Shipping Policy

Low Order Fee

We don't like charging a Low Order Fee any more than people who have small orders like to pay it. This is a fee charged to us by our fulfillment that we pass along exactly as we are charged it. Again, this is not a profit centre for us. We charge this fee on all orders under $40.00. We could do what other places do and add 1 or 2 cents to every item and then not charge the fees, but that would be like charging Peter to pay Paul's bills (people who wouldn't be charged the fee and placing larger orders would pay the bills for those making smaller purchases) and we felt that just wasn't right. If we are ever able to eliminate these fees from our distributors, we will stop charging them at once. Until then, we will charge the fee on only those orders where we are charged the fee.

The following was sent to us by our distributor

Due to rising operating costs we will be increasing our small order handling fee to $3.25 effective January 1st, 2015. This fee, which has not increased in seven years, applies to all orders under $40.

That means effective that date (2015/1/1) we will be forced to increase the low order fee. This fee is passed along and not one cent remains with us (like shipping, it is not a profit center for Edu4Kids).


Now there is a word that everyone loves. All our prices start at 8% below the MSRP. Many are more than that. In general our prices as listed on this site are 8% to 29% below the MSRP every day.

In some cases we get notifications of manufacturers closeouts. These are made available to us at special rates. When we are notified of a closeout we will put the item on sale. Once a closeout item is sold out, we can not fill the order and you will be credited for the item (and the item will be removed from our site).

In addition we have a rewards system in place for our retail customers1 that keeps track of all your purchase throughout the last 365 days. The more you spend with us, the more you save. The following discounts will be applied to your purchases after you have reached the following spending levels with us (we calculate the savings on all items that have a "Shipped" status).

  • Less than $250.00 - 0%
  • $250.00 - $499.99 - 3%
  • $500.00 - $999.99 - 4%
  • Greater than $1,000.00 - 5%
What about coupons? We have used them in the past, we may use them again in the future, but we are not using them now. We find that coupons reward single time shoppers and we really want to be your "go to" provider, so we provide bigger discounts for those that make larger and more consistent orders from us rather than seek those one-time buyers with coupons.

What about an initial "Bulk Order"? We handle those on a one-by-one basis. If you place a large order we look at the margin in the order and apply a discount based on the margin we have to work with. In general, orders that are over $750 will have a discount hand applied to the order when we process the order (discounts will not be computed on items that are closeout or sale. There are no discounts on the Yacker Tracker based on volume as there is almost no margin in the Yacker Tracker at our permanant sale price.).

1The Loyalty Discount Program is limited to retail customers only. Customers in our special programs, like the Cost+15 program, are not able to participate in the Loyalty Discount Program.

Purchase Orders

Yes, we do take purchase orders from Schools and established businesses. We prefer to take purchase orders on-line. In order to be able to place your purchase order on-line please do the following:


  1. Create an account
  2. After you create an account use the Contact Us page to request that we allow that account to checkout by Purchase Order.

We will get back to you within 2 workdays with notification on whether you can place your purchase orders on-line.

The benefit of placing purchase orders on-line are:

  • You always have access to your account history with us
  • All on-line transactions get processed on the same schedule whether by credit card or PO (FAX'd and mailed PO's are processed once per week)
  • Your invoice is available immediately
  • All updates and status changes to the PO will be sent to you via e-mail, including shipping and tracking information
  • The system will compute shipping rather than relying on a shipping-by-price model (which really doesn't work when UPS and USPS raise rates each January)
  • The customer loyalty discounts will be applied automatically to the on-line order (yes, we even apply them to purchase orders!)

If you need to send a paper PO (and please include a contact e-mail for us on the PO) to us you can FAX the PO to us at: 702 940 9816 or send it by mail to:
Education 4 Kids, Inc.
PO Processing
11071 Bunkerhill Drive
Suite 1011
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

If you need to set up Education 4 Kids, Inc as a vendor in your system, our Federal Tax ID is: 35-2212566 and our address is the one above. We are a Nevada Corporation in good standing with a majority of the stock woman owned. We do not charge sales tax on purchases outside Nevada and if you are a tax-exempt business in Nevada we will need a copy of your tax exempt form.

Once again, we highly recommend that you choose to do on-line purchase orders as the benefits far outweigh the paper PO process.

Our Federal W-9 can be viewed and printed from here: Education 4 Kids, Inc. Federal W-9 IMAGE or Education 4 Kids, Inc. Federal W-9 PDF

Bulk Orders

Yes, we would love to fill your bulk order request. Yes, we do provide discounts on bulk orders over $3,000 even if it is your first order with us.

No, we do not participate in bids and quotes. Our pricing on-line shows that we are already the lowest cost supplier of educational products and school supplies in most cases. If we were to participate in the gamesmanship of the bidding wars, we spend a great deal of time playing, more than it is worth to us, and in most cases for just one-time orders. We would rather develop a long term relationship with you. For that reason we have established a simple program to provide school districts and schools that use us as a primary supplier the best possible program we can. If a school or a district agrees to purchase over $50,000 in a school year from us we put them on the Cost+15 program. In this program we charge 15% above the Contact-1 pricing charged by our distributors (or our regular pricing, whichever is lower). The goal is simple, you maintain a status of $50,000/yr in purchases from us, we pass along the best possible pricing we can to you.

For example, you are going to replace 25 overhead projectors with MMM1880. That has an MSRP of $570.09 and an Edu4Kids pricing of $501.69 (12% off). On the cost+15 program it would cost you $429.51. By being in the program you would see a savings of $1,804.70. It should be noted that not everything sees that kind of discount and we obviously selected an item that would show a large cost savings, that's the nice part about selecting the examples. But over $50,000 in general purchases should generate an average savings of an additional 10-15% from our already discounted prices (it should be noted that cost+15 customers are not able to participate in any other discount program we offer).

If you are interested in this program, please contact us so we can help establish your account in the program.

Our Manufacturers

Education 4 Kids, Inc is proud to represent products from 409 manufacturers. If you know what manufacturer you are looking for, one of the fastest ways to locate the products from them is to select their name from the list above.

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